Well this didn’t last long did it?

Well blogging didn’t really seem to last beyond that one phase of hyper-focus it would seem. I was interested long enough to set up the site.

I haven’t touched any of my electronics projects again.

We did manage to find a condo, buy it, and get moved in back in May! So that’s been exciting.

I stopped voice lessons as I had kind of burnt out on them because I didn’t really have a solid goal, and my voice instructors kept moving so I kept having to switch instructors. I have spent some more time and money this year trying to improve my guitar playing and song writing abilities.

I’m trying to start the ALPHABET SUPERSET by youtuber Struthless at the moment. It’s 6 months of creating and sharing something each week starting with a letter of the alphabet. You decide at the start what your theme, medium, and ‘done’ post will look like. I’m two weeks late getting started, so I’m going to half ass A apparently. Hopefully after that though I can post my creations here each week as well as keep track of the project/progress as I go through.

I’m having trouble holding myself accountable, but I hope that it will get easier over time.

This is the announcement video

and then this is the actual website. https://www.alphabetsuperset.com/

I was supposed to have picked my theme and defined everything for the project two weeks ago, and then this week(04/09-10/09) was for doing the first project for the letter A. I forgot, so I didn’t start defining the project until Friday, and now I’m starting the letter A project today.

You know what? All of this deserves it’s own blog post.