Brought to you by the letter A


So this will be post number one of my Alphabet Superset project.

Details of what the A.S. project are are on this post

Metal Songs about Silly topics Music shorts Metal One verse and one chorus
    4 piece, vocals/guitar/bass/drums short audio/video on all the streaming and social sites
    BPM: 116  
    Standard Tuning  

I started late so I’m reducing my requirements for A.

I’m just going to do the lyrics for A. 1 verse and 1 chorus. So I somehow ended up writing and recording the whole thing in one evening.
There’s no Bass guitar, the vocals are shit, but it’s something down. Gotta start somewhere right?

A is for ALPACA!

Researching Alpaca Facts: source

  • part of camel family
  • domesticated by peruvians
  • Ungulates(sheep, giraffes)
    • large bodies and legs, long necks, snall heads.
  • Not llamas. Have shorter ears and blunter faces
  • Two domesticated breeds:
    • huacaya
      • crimped compact and soft fleece
      • 90% of alpaca population
    • Suri
      • Corscrew-like coats with longer fibers and silkier texture
  • Males have prominent canine and incisor teeth called “fighting teeth”
    • uncommon in herbivores
  • Males mating sound called “orgling” which sounds like a car that won’t start.
  • No top front teeth
  • spit last thing they at at other alpacas if annoyed
  • grazing animals
  • vocalizations
    • high hum for a question
    • deeper hum called a “status hum” can mean anything from contentment to tension or pain.
    • click/click/snort mild agression
    • shrill whistle alarm call
    • closest wild relative is the vicuna, the smallest member of the camel family
    • threatend by climate change due to pastures in the Andes drying out
    • also threatend by cross-breeding with llamas and vicuna.

and here’s my dumb song.


not a llama
not a camel
They're from mother fucking
south america

fluffy butts
and squishy cheeks
and fighting teeth 
as they bite your fucking face

when they scream
step away
or they'll spit
directly in your eye