Not sure what I’m doing with this blog yet. Theme, format, content, intention are all still in flux. But I think I’ve at least got the jekyll kinks worked out.

Hopefully I can put project logs and such here to try and keep myself accountable.


3 projects I’d like to get to a “finished” state:

  • Haptic compass
    • with blutooth connection and gps target guidance
  • ice40 project
    • key matrix scanning for tinytapeout asic prototyping
    • risc-v learning
    • ROS learning
  • Microsoft Arc mouse reverse engineering and blutooth upgrade.

Upgrades to the site:

  • Landing page that isn’t just the blog
    • maybe portfolio and such or something
  • blog ToC in sidebar(maybe only most recent 10 posts) plus a blog archive page.
  • maybe a built in search?
  • removal of old test/example posts